Advantages of salt-free water softeners

Water softening is the process of softening hard water. Salt-free water softeners soften the water by conditioning the water. Salt-free water softeners are also called water conditioners. Water softeners condition hard water. Hard water contains high levels of Calcium and Magnesium. These minerals make it difficult for the formation of soapsuds. Calcium and magnesium minerals also form limescale inside your appliances. Appliances such as water heaters and dishwashers get damaged due to this limescale. Salt-free water softeners do not convert hard water into soft water. These water softeners replace the Calcium and Magnesium with sodium. These water softeners change crystal forms of minerals by diverting scale collection. You can check the best salt-free water solutions on the market here.

Advantages of Salt-free Water Softeners

  • Low Maintenance:

These softeners are very easy to install with the correct equipment. These water softeners are less costly as they fit in your budget. They also have a less maintenance system. Drain connection is not required. They have a single tank and do not go through regeneration cycles. There are also no backflows in these softeners. Electricity is also not needed while cleaning or operating.

  • Nature Friendly:

These softeners do not use excess water. As they are salt-free water softeners, they do not need a regeneration cycle. Chlorides do not get collected in the waste stream. These softeners save water. All the processed water goes directly to the home appliances or to the tankless heaters. During the softening process, these salt-free softeners do not use added salts. They do not use any chemicals to soften the water.

  • Media Consumption is Low:

Salt-based softeners use ions to process the water. Salt-free softeners are unlike salt-based water softeners. These water softeners use Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) process. TAC is a physical process. This process transforms the hardness minerals into hardness crystals. Once every 3 to 5 years, you need to replace this TAC Media. You do not need to fill the Salt-free water softeners with media. Only 5 to 10 liters of media is enough for the entire house water softening. Little media lasts for a more extended period.

  • Diversity of Application:

Different size cartridge and flow rates are available. You can use them if you do not want a water softener for the entire house. You may want a water softener only for your water heaters or any other particular appliances. Then you can install a single anti-scale filter cartridge in front of the system.

  • Functions:

The minerals that turn water into hard water get converted into small forms. These softeners prevent crystal structures of minerals from sticking on the surfaces. The filters of water softeners prevent limescale from forming. These filters reduce limescale. These softeners remove chloramines and chlorine from the water. This process prevents scale collection in the appliances. It improves the taste of the water. This process reduces chlorine. It also removes the odor from the water supply. The removal of chloramines and chlorine from the water increases the TAC media’s life span.

These water softeners increase the lifespan of the appliances.