Accused Rwanda genocide financier makes 1st court appearance in France

International war crimes investigators have requested that Rwandan genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga, arrested last weekend, be transferred to United Nations custody for trial, a prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Felicien Kabuga, 84, was detained in Paris suburb on Saturday after a quarter century on the run.

“We already requested his transfer. It is an arrest warrant and an indictment coming from the UN mechanism,” prosecutor Serge Brammertz said in an interview.

Kabuga could be transferred to The Hague before a trial in Arusha, Tanzania, where a United Nations court is handling cases dating back to the 1994 genocide, Brammertz said.

In his first appearance in public in more than two decades, the octogenarian was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair, dressed in jeans and a blue jumper and wearing a face mask.

He spoke to confirm his identity.

Some 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed in 100 days of killing from April 6, 1994, orchestrated by the Hutu-led government and its ethnic militia allies.

Kabuga, a Hutu businessman, is accused of bankrolling the militia.

In the 25 years since the end of the Rwandan genocide, General Dallaire has dedicated his life to recounting the horrors he faced, in the hopes that it might never happen again. But only in the last few years has he begun to discuss the immeasurable trauma he has suffered due to his experiences in Rwanda. In 2016, he sat down with Carol to discuss his memoir, “Waiting for First Light: My Ongoing Battle with PTSD.” 27:29