A detailed review of the safest cryptocurrency exchange

Learn more about the best app to buy crypto

This review introduces you to one of the leading crypto trading services in 2021. The platform’s name is Cryptology. See some of its characteristics below:

  • You do not need technical knowledge to operate the platform. Cryptology is the most direct exchange so far. So, whether you are a beginner, you will know how the site functions, and the transactions do not take long to get processed.
  • Charges. In crypto trading, people pay the entry, rollover, and exit fees. Platforms that charge high discourage customers.
  • You will never need to worry about fees in Cryptology because the platform does not charge much.
  • Availability. It is essential to find out whether an exchange operates in your region before using it. Cryptology is available in every country except the US and Japan.
  • Leverage. Leverage increases your earnings on the platform.
  • Pairs. If you intend to compare many markets, you won’t focus on the top currencies only. Instead, the trading platform allows you to analyze any cryptocurrency that exists these days.
  • A straightforward withdrawal process. Cryptology is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms that do not involve fees. Instead, when you deposit for the first time, the company gives you $100.
  • The money will leverage up to 100x. The following sections will describe the cryptocurrency platform in detail. Keep reading to get information about signing up, depositing and withdrawing money, and much more.

The Earn crypto exchange feature

The passive feature emerged in September 2021. Through it, people acquire cryptocurrencies and some stable coins. You can also invest using a bank card. In addition, the platform allows monitoring your daily withdrawal or investments.

Different currencies reward differently. For example, BTC gives users 8% per year. On the other hand, coins like USDT, DAI, and USDC deliver 1% yearly. There are no charges involved when depositing funds using the Earn tool.

Opening an account

Every new customer joins the best cryptocurrency exchange app through registration. The process entails providing primary details such as name, email, and password.

You also have to accept the user terms. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the service. Alternatively, you can become a member using your Google account.

Types of accounts: In the Cryptology platform, you can open either a personal or institutional account. The former allows having trading services.

Trading and Global Wire accounts: How they are different

In a trading account, you can deposit and withdraw several times. The Global version permits fiat money deposits and cryptocurrency through wire transfer or bank cards. You can withdraw crypto and fiat for fiat money. You can acquire funds with the account you use to make payments.

The trading account allows customers to send fiat money and cryptocurrency. However, you only withdraw the latter. You can deposit fiat money using Visa and Mastercard. Global accounts perform withdrawals through wire transfer alone.

The verification process

The cryptocurrency trading exchange supports basic and complete verification processes. A basic one requires a limit of $10,000. In addition, customers have to provide their passport, driving license, government ID, and a picture of them holding the identification card.

Full verification: You complete the total verification activity by providing your address. Passing this process removes limits.

Spot Exchange and Futures trading

The spot exchange comprises:

  • An order book.
  • Trading history.
  • A Trading View chart.
  • An order form, which permits trading at the limit or market.


The platform is not so different from the Spot Exchange service. Customers can choose leverage, and that is the only thing that makes it unique. However, operation-wise, both services are interactive and straightforward.

Fees and payment options

In many cryptocurrency platforms, traders pay fees depending on trading volumes. The amount that Cryptology charges are 0.002. Fiat fee is 2.65% when deposits happen through debit and credit cards. The lowest you can pay is $25. Brazil residents have an additional deposit option. They pay from 1.7% to 3.6% for as low as a $100 deposit.

For example, if you pay one Euro in EUR SEPA, the charges are 0.45%. Fully verified users can pay through the wire transfer method. There are no fees involved. You can deposit as low as $25.

Withdrawals: Individuals with institutional accounts can withdraw fiat. You will, however, use a SEPA account. The cost is 7 Euros for a fifty Euros deposit. Depositing digital assets comes with various conditions, and there are some assets you cannot remove.

The countries that support the platform where you can buy crypto

Cryptology exchange is available worldwide, except in Japan and America. The company is not even planning to leave any of its countries like similar services.

Cryptology pairs


  • Bitcoin/USD
  • Bitcoin/USD Perpetual
  • Ethereum/USD Perpetual
  • Electro-Optical System/USD Perpetual
  • Maker/USD Perpetual
  • Synthetix Network Token/USD Perpetual
  • Tronix/USD Perpetual
  • Steller/USD Perpetual
  • YFI/USD Perpetual
  • Bitcoin Cash/USD Perpetual
  • Litecoin/USD Perpetual
  • Zcash/USD Perpetual

Spot Exchange

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Steller
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Zcash
  • Tether
  • USD Coin
  • DAI
  • Basic Attention Token
  • Tronix

Trading fiat money requires using dollars, Euros, or Rubles.

Now that you know what the Cryptology platform does, it is time to find out if there are any disadvantages of using the service.

But first, here are the advantages

Customer care. The online platform has representatives who attend to customers whenever they face challenges. Reviews show that the team is reliable. They give people feedback within a short time.

The support agents are also friendly and understand the trading service well. Therefore, expect to get the correct answers whenever you ask a question.

Reward. The Cryptology trading company offers a bonus. People get a $100 incentive when they make their first deposit of up to $100.

A global service. The trading service is accessible worldwide. It is only the American and Jap citizens that cannot use the service for now.

Fees. You will not pay anything when you trade on the site. The free service will end on 30th September 2021.

Leverage. The platform offers up to 100x on leverage for Futures trading.

Minimum order. Users can order as little as $0.10.


The service has these drawbacks:

  • There is no margin trading on the spot exchange.
  • Customers cannot withdraw fiat with their accounts.


The platform has many more advantages than disadvantages.

There have never been any cryptocurrency exchange issues since it emerged. Also, since it is not complicated and you will not include any charges to trade, consider giving it a try.