8 Reasons Why You Need to Live in a Tiny House

When tiny house living first burst upon the housing scene in the early 21st century, many people believed it was a passing fad. They were wrong. Today, the number of people who are drawn to these miniature houses is only growing. While there are a great number of very practical factors influencing the tiny house movement, there is an undeniable “charm factor” as well.

Tiny house stories have a way of spreading. In this article learn about 8 reasons why you need to live in a tiny house to experience the magic firsthand.

Tiny houses can be as unique as you are

It is hard to forget your first glimpse of a tiny house. In fact, for many people, this is how it starts.

But the more you learn, the more you realize how completely customizable a tiny house can be. You truly don’t have to sacrifice that spacious kitchen or luxurious bath.

And you can do it for a fraction of the carbon footprint of a regular-size dwelling.

Tiny houses are becoming a big business worldwide

As Market Research recently reported, the reason tiny houses have outlasted their fad-like beginnings is that they are undeniably practical.

Prices make tiny houses attractive to singles and young families as well as seniors. The low carbon footprint attracts eco-conscious home buyers. In areas where land is in scarce supply, tiny houses require less and house more.

Tiny houses put you on the road to financial independence

Since tiny houses can often be built for up to two-thirds less than what it would cost to build a traditional home, they can put you on the fast track to financial independence.

This can be particularly sweet news for seniors on a fixed income or singles and young families still paying off school debt.

Tiny houses are minimalism-friendly

The minimalist movement has gained steam as more people embrace a life free from clutter and extra “stuff.”

When you live in a tiny house, you simply cannot accumulate extra items you don’t need or use. You also can’t spend on extras because you won’t have anywhere to put them!

Tiny houses encourage you to get outside and into nature

As Deseret News points out when you have less indoor space to use and share, you will be more likely to get outside, stretch your legs, breathe fresh air and seek out the company of nature.

In fact, it is the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that really appeals to so many “tiny houses,” as people who live in tiny houses often call themselves.

Tiny houses can keep you mobile for travel

While both tiny houses on a foundation and tiny houses on wheels exist, it is the latter that has really captured the attention of homeowners who have the travel bug.

With a tiny house on wheels that can be hitched up to a suitable vehicle for hauling, it becomes possible to stay on the move for much or even all of the year.

Many snowbirds and adventurers enjoy tiny house living because they really can see and do it all.

Tiny houses become their own adventure

When you choose a tiny house for your home, everything is the same, yet different. And because tiny houses still represent a relative minority, you have to get a handier in terms of troubleshooting and fixing things.

For some people, this learning curve can be frustrating….but these tend not to be the people who choose tiny houses.

Tiny housers love the challenge of getting creative, learning new skills, and problem-solving that tiny house living presents.

Tiny houses complement a remote work environment

As more and more people join the remote workforce, it truly becomes possible to work from anywhere.

And if it doesn’t matter whether you are working as long as you get your work done, it even becomes possible to travel and work, visiting family and friends, seeing the sights, and making your dreams come true.

Tiny house living is not for everyone. But more and more people are discovering their inner “tiny houser” and choosing to leave the cluttered life of brick-and-mortar living behind forever.


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