8 Best Presents for your Cat

Your cat is an important part of your life. You want to be sure he is healthy and happy. When special occasions occur, such as holidays or his birthday, you’d like to celebrate with him and give him a present he will really enjoy. Part of the fun is choosing his gift, but you’re not sure which one to buy. This article will highlight some of the best presents for cats.

Cat Condos

Cats prize vertical space. It enriches their indoor environment and helps to relieve stress. Cats are natural jumpers and need private space. This is especially true in multi-cat households or if there are also dogs in the home that may tend to annoy the cat. Felines have a natural urge to scratch. You cannot eliminate or train out this instinct. It’s a focal part of being a cat. Cat scratching towers covered with carpet and sisal fibre satisfy several important needs for cats: Privacy, escape, claw scratching and jumping. Be sure to choose a tower with at least one-bed area for each cat, preferably on different levels. Cats also enjoy ramps and holes allowing them to go from one level to another. Remember, the taller the tower the better! Provide at least one other scratching post for every one to two cats elsewhere in the home.

Cat Running Exercise Wheel

This unique gift provides great exercise and fun for indoor cats. They’re basically large, carpeted, stationary turning wheels similar to those for hamsters and other rodents. These wheels make a great gift for kitty and you’ll have fun, too, as you encourage your cat to give it a try.

Water Fountain

Many cats are fascinated with water. They are also hardwired to respond to running water, probably because the ancestral feline drank from brooks and other smaller bodies of water. The sound of the fountain will attract your feline and encourage him to drink more water. This is good for kitty’s bladder health and may avoid future health problems. Be sure to choose a fountain that’s easy to dismantle for cleaning, because it must be kept sanitary.

Interactive Toys

These range from laser pointers to fishing toys to remote-controlled mice. Choose a present that allows you to spend time with the kitty. Cats love to play games with their owners. For one thing, they like unpredictable movements that keep the game enticing. Be sure not to allow the cat to look into the beam of a laser toy. Toys with strings or small button batteries should be kept in a secure place when not in use for kitty’s safety.


Cats love boxes of all sizes. It’s one of the best presents of all. You can use a clean box you already have, or you can buy one for very little money. Put some fresh catnip in it and set it down for kitty. However, remember that response to catnip is genetic. Approximately three-quarters of all cats have the gene that causes cats to respond to catnip. Your text to link…It’s perfectly safe and good fun for your cat. By the way, catnip makes excellent tea for humans, too!

Crinkle Toys

Get a small crinkle tunnel! These make a satisfying, crunchy, crinkly sound that cats love. There are also crinkle toys and interactive mats.


This simple, classic, iconic toy is still one of the best. They are inexpensive and often come in packs of three or more. Look for real-looking mousies that make a squeaking or rattling noise when batted about. Make sure it has all-cloth eyes and other features. Beads are dangerous for cats. Add catnip for even more feline fun!

Heated Beds

These come with a battery-powered, heated mat. Cats love warmth. Choose a bed with a covering, tipi style, for the comfort and privacy cats crave.

Wrap it Up!

If you choose a large gift, such as a cat tower, consider also buying a smaller item for your cat, so you can wrap it. A pack of cat treats is good. Don’t be fancy about it. Just wrap it loosely with a bit of tape. Never use ribbon; this is dangerous for cats if they ingest it. Many cats can be induced to tear open a wrapped gift, especially if you place a bit of catnip inside. Let your cat join in the fun of opening presents on his special day!


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