6 Flower Arrangements That Will Amaze Every Bride to Be

Having a wedding is a way of showing that two people have decided to stay together. Vows are exchanged to declare a new life journey and for better or for worse. Anyway, a wedding should be memorable because it the moment where two people express their love. Family and friends are called to witness and share that happy moment with you.

Therefore, you must make good plans and arrangements for the day of the wedding. The key thing that makes a wedding look outstanding and very unique is the decorations. Flowers, among other things, make these decorations to be more appealing. you can look for different wedding decorations online and chose the ones that you love most.

The following are six flower arrangements that will amaze every bride to be.

Arranging flowers at the back of the chairs

Depending on the budget, flowers can be put at the back of the chairs where people will sit. However, you can save money by putting flowers at the back of the chairs a few rows from the aisle. The reason is that most of the attention will be focused on the front where vows are exchanged. Putting floral decorations at the back of every chair can make the venue very beautiful, but again they will cost you a lot because flowers are a bit expensive. Therefore, putting floral decoration to minimal will cut down your costs.

Using flowers and petals

Putting floral arrangement at the runaway that will guide you towards the aisle can very beautiful. Flowers and petals are normally used if you have no intention of having flower girls. However, flower girls also contribute a lot to make the ceremony more exciting, especially if they are kids. Whenever there are babies, they bring a kind of happiness charm to adults, and therefore your wedding can be very amazing if they will be the ones to announce your entrance. At this juncture, it can be advisable to incorporate both the flowers and the flower girls to win the day.

Using flowers as headpiece and headbands

Headbands and headpiece have become very popular, making them be used at most weddings. People love wearing Headbands and headpiece because they will fit in almost any style. Headbands come in different sizes; however, to make the event much bolder, you can use the big ones with brighter colors. Small headbands and headpieces can also be very romantic, especially if the buds have lighter colors.

Using flower walls and backdrops

If you want to have your event notable and extravagant, ensure you arrange for putting a flower wall backdrop. Flower walls are very vibrant, especially if they are somehow big, making the moment very memorable. Flower walls, like any flower arrangement, can be customized by using different types of flowers with different sizes depending on the client’s taste. Flower walls are installed on areas where you think can capture your guests’ interest, like at the entrance, as the backdrop where vows are to be exchanged, and behind the bridal table. Be assured that no one can assume the big elegant and beautiful standing look of a flower wall.

Hanging flowers installation and hanging pomanders

Depending on the wedding ceremony’s location, you can choose a hanging flower installation or the hanging pomanders. Either way, these decorations will give your wedding ceremony a surprisingly beautiful look. It is very mesmerizing seeing beautiful flowers or pomanders hanging on top whenever you look up. The best thing about using hanging flowers or pomanders is that they can be installed almost anywhere. However, the ideal location is where there are trees because installation is easy and can save you money that could have been used to join suspending steel to hold them. Just ensure they have been installed correctly to prevent them from falling on you or the guests.

Using bridal banquets

Bridal banquets are the flowers that are carried by the bride as she walks down the aisle. A bridal banquet is one of the most significant arrangements of flowers at a wedding. The bride also holds her bridal banquet during the holding of portraits. Like any other flower arrangement, a bridal banquet can be customized depending on the color, type, and sizes of flowers the bride will choose. Bridal flowers stem can also be wrapped differently by using a handkerchief, ribbons, laces, or can also be left with their natural look.


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