5 signs that is time to change your smartphone

It is not always easy to acknowledge the fact that the time to change your smartphone has come. However, smartphones do have a lifespan.

Since we depend on it to do several daily tasks, from work to house dynamics, eventually, time will come to buy a smartphone that matches our needs — even more if the current one is no longer working properly.

Thus, we will help you identify if now is the time to do it.

1 – Battery lifetime

Some companies are known to have great (or poor) battery lifetime. Even if you take very good care of your smartphone, using only fabric originals accessories and leaving it for charge until it is complete, without unplugging it, the battery will start having issues after some time.

Therefore, if your battery is taking less and less time to discharge, making you charge more often, it is an alert that the time to change your smartphone for a new one is coming.

2 – Heating

Since we have talked about batteries, it is normal to feel your smartphone a little warmer during charging, but if you experience this while running applications is a heavy sign you should begin thinking about buying a new one.

You can try cleaning space on your smartphone by deleting apps, photos, cache and cookies, so you can observe if the heating continues before making the decision to change your smartphone. Nevertheless, heating usually means the system is not running as it should be.

3 – Screen problems

Whether your display is broken after a fall or not, experiencing screen problems is another sign that you should probably go for a new smartphone.

If you are viewing lines or bands across your phone (even if only when you restart them) or your screen is flickering, the problem could be bigger than a crack in the glass.

This is  generally a sign that the video card or its connectors are not working properly, and changing the screen itself will not solve the real issue. It can also affect the touching response speed.

If you feel like it is taking too long to recognize your touching commands, it may be a sign that the screen (and its video card) is not working properly, and could not be financially profitable to just change it.

4 – System issues

After some time, the smartphone can no longer be updated and run the newer versions of its operational system. Eventually, it can be eligible for a software update, yet becomes extremely slow running it.

If you are feeling that your phone is running extremely slow, so even cleaning space is unable to speed it up, or if your smartphone’s company warns that your phone does not support the new operational system update, it is time to buy a new one, even for security issues.

Persisting in a smartphone that does not support software updates can leave you (and your sensitive data) unprotected, then susceptible to be hacked or simply lost (in case of photos and documents).

5 – Camera lagging

That is not a huge problem by itself, you may think. Although the camera app is a simple feature on your phone, if it is taking too long to launch or take a picture, it is a sign that your whole smartphone is having trouble loading and running anything else.

If you are experiencing this type of problem with your camera, you are probably dealing with general delay. In this case, try rebooting your phone and. If the problems persist, it is a sign you should probably change it for a new one.