5 Netflix Shows to Binge-watch This Summer

Perhaps we will not have time for television this summer since we’re all too busy reestablishing human contact.

If, however, you still prefer food delivery and maximum social distance as a result of the pandemic – or life in general – you will find more than enough binge-able content to keep you entertained at home in front of the screen of your choice.

So, if you are looking for some good movie/show suggestions, we have got you covered. Below are 5 shows you must watch this summer.

You can either watch them on Netflix or some other streaming app or watch for them to be aired on your favorite TV channel.

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Mare of Easttown

Take a trip to Easttown, Pennsylvania, so get snacks and some water. Mare of Easttown is an acclaimed crime drama created and written by Brad Ingelsby, starring Oscar winner Kate Winslet as Mare Sheehan, a tough, no-nonsense detective sergeant who has seen it all.

The ghost of a missing person’s case that she was not able to solve, while she fights to stay on top of her personal life, constantly plagues the local hero. Erin McMenamin played by Cailee Spaeny, a young mother and single mother is murdered.

A tough (but lovable) detective, he reluctantly teams up with county detective Colin Zabel played by Evan Peters to reveal other disturbing truths buried in the quaint town. Angourie Rice and Jean Smart also contribute outstanding performances to the series.


Save to say that the biggest surprise of this year, Yellowjackets is now over and there’s nothing else to watch. The novel mixes genres and follows characters in two different timelines. Their plane crashes during a soccer contest, leaving them stranded on the island.

In those versions, people have built families, careers, and lives for themselves. Even so, there is a sense that the past will not remain hidden forever, and everyone will have to confront it soon.

Melanie Lynskey really was in the spotlight as Shauna the elder in this movie, despite the great cast. With every episode, the tension rises as the story is thrilling and the characters are moving.

By the end of the lecture, you will be stunned at how fast time flies by, and you’ll be itching for more.


Succession manages to exist despite being at once present and in its own bubble universe. Because of the Roy family’s creation of their own world, this duality exists. It is a well-known family that owns an entertainment business and multinational media.

The series is all about their family dynamics and dysfunction, but they have such an unbelievable amount of impact on the outside world, making it hard to have faith that such a thing exists.

Succession has chaotic, messy, selfish characters, but at the same time, that is part of what makes it so compelling.

Logan (Brian Cox) Roy, the father of the Roy siblings, is stepping down from the company in the not too distant future. While Succession might not be relatable for everyone due to the struggles of terrible, wealthy people, it is not meant to be.

You will be hooked and that is a promise.

The Wheel of Time

Robert Jordan developed this epic fantasy series created on the book series of the same name. It focuses on Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), who is on a mission to explore a Dragon, a powerful channeler who may rescue the world from the Dark One or destroy it.

Five young villagers, and her entire world, are forever changed when she constricts her search down to five. There is no such thing as what it seems, and the scales of light and darkness begin to tip across 8 episodes as the true intents of the characters are revealed.

There is a huge amount of magic and action in this game, not only for fantasy fans, but everyone will enjoy it.


The Israeli television show Euphoria, based on the series of the same name, captures a group of teenage strugglers as they experience high school life. While Ruby “Rue” Bennett (Zendaya) is grappling with the slog of high school, her struggles go beyond unrequited crushes and hard tests – pills/drugs, identity crisis, sex, and even slaughter play a part in her journey.

Even when the subjects being discussed are sometimes difficult to confront, the soundtrack, the cinematography, story, and remarkable performances of the actors keep the viewer anchored to every scene – even when the choices made by the characters are difficult to swallow.


Choosing the right shows to spend time with family and friends can be really overwhelming these days.

Especially with so many platforms offering different kinds of shows. Well, we have done the daunting research part for you and have come up with some top picks. Let us know which show did you like the most and why.