5 Common issues at home that require a plumber

If you’re a homeowner, there are high chances that you’ll come across various plumbing problems at different times. These problems can result from normal wear and tear, lack of proper maintenance, and aging plumbing fixtures.

Regardless of the plumbing problem size, it’s always advisable to find an expert plumber to fix it.

DIY plumbing projects can be costlier, especially where more damage is done due to a lack of the necessary skills and experience to handle such problems. Below are 5 common issues at home that require a plumber:

Clogged toilets and drains

This is a major plumbing problem at home characterized by backing up of water when taking a shower or emptying a sink.

A clogged toilet will also not flush normally. The leading causes of all these are the accumulation of hair in the system, disposal of wastes that don’t dissolve in water, and solid items that can move on the drain pipes.

Clogged toilets and drains can be fixed by clearing the accumulated items using a plunger. The plumber may also use drain cleaners to unblock the drains.

Water heater problems

Most homeowners can’t easily spot problems in their water heaters. Some common water heater problem signs include puddles of water, dripping water, strange noise from the system, and discolored water.

When there are water heater problems, you won’t have adequate hot water.

Most of these problems result from mineral deposits on the unit that reduce its efficiency. Homeowners are discouraged from repairing water heaters by themselves due to the potential dangers involved and the complexity of the task.

Leaky pipes

If you come across leaky pipes and faucets, it’s essential to take quick action by contacting an expert plumber.

Apart from causing water damage in your home, these leaky pipes and faucets will also increase your water bills by at least 10 % if immediate action isn’t taken.

It’s estimated that a single leaking faucet dropping a single drip per second will waste more than 3,000 gallons in a year. Most of these pipe and faucet leaks are caused by tearing, stiffening, and dislodging of the washer, thus making it lose.

The valve seat also corrodes and wears out over time if not repaid.

Boiler breakdown

Most homeowners use boilers to produce steam or warm water for domestic purposes. Over time, these boilers tend to break down, especially if there’s no regular maintenance.

They also break down when they get too old, thus making it challenging to produce steam. Regardless of the breakdown cause, it’s essential to contact a professional plumber to inspect and fix the problem.

Typically, a boiler breakdown is classified as an emergency therefore responsive time is a priority. Therefore it is advisable to search for local services in the first instance.

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Running toilet

It’s very annoying to have a running toilet in your home. Although such a toilet will still work, you’ll waste a lot of water, thus increasing your general monthly water bill.

The leading cause of a running toilet is associated with the internal parts of the toilet not working properly, which include loose flapper valves, loose-fill tubes, and imbalanced float.

In conclusion, these are some common issues at home that need a plumber. There are many other problems like low water pressure, sewer system backup, slow draining sink, and jammed garbage disposal.

Regardless of the problem, it’s essential always to contact an expert plumber to prevent further damages that may be pretty costly.